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Lomax, Yve, 2009, Book Section, Talking Theory In: Whiteley, Gillian and Tormey, Jane, (eds.) Telling Stories: Countering Narrative in Art, Theory and Film. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, pp. 38-49. ISBN 1 4438 0532 7

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This chapter was originally devised as a paper for a conference (2007) organised by the editors of the volume and which took place under the same title. My contribution draws upon and develops research undertaken for my 'Sounding the Event' (2005), which in theorising the question of what constitutes an event found itself having ask question about the 'object' of
theory and theory itself.

In this chapter, the necessity becomes that of addressing the presuppositions held of theory, which requires, first and foremost, addressing and exposing what is at stake with presupposition itself, which in turn begs the question of how it works within language and when I say 'I'. Here renewed thought is given to the modern concept of biography/autobiography that presupposes that 'real life' precedes the words that speak of it. The significance of the research is that of a problematisation of this separation between life and language, which is an acknowledgement of the work of Emile Benveniste and Giorgio Agamben's demand that the life-language relation should not be broken.

What transpires with this problemisation is that happiness is allowed to happen with the exposing —or jamming of— the operation of presupposition. And by proposing that critical activity is precisely the exposition of presupposition, new thought is given to happiness and critical activity going hand-in-hand together.

The research context is that of developing a concern of approaching theory as an 'art'. An 'art' —a most rigorous methodology— of writing and not having writing (theory) presuppose itself.

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