• Coloniality, Curating and Contemporary Art

Carolin, Clare and Fernandez, Olga, eds. 2012, Book, Coloniality, Curating and Contemporary Art UNSPECIFIED. (Unpublished)

Abstract or Description:

The causes, forms and effects of colonisation and decolonisation are neither geographically nor historically homogeneous and have resulted in a wide range of theoretical models and cultural practices that attempt to grasp the material realities of colonial expansion in both its historical and contemporary manifestations. This anthology — based on the conference Coloniality, Contemporary Art and Curating that was co-directed by Carolin with Olga Fernandez and organized in collaboration with the International University of Andalusia and the Andalusian Centre for Contemporary Art and took place in Huelva in March 2012 — will be the first to collate responses to these issues from a range of practitioners including artists, theorists, curators and researchers. It will also be the first such collection to consciously situate the Anglophone, Hispanophone, Lusophone and Francophone discourses around colonization and visual representation in relation to one another.

The texts will advance a range of critical perspectives on the responses of artistic and curatorial practices to some of the key issues posed by the processes and effects of colonization and to begin to rethink them within the context of a globalised world at the start of the 21st century. The themes will be explored through theoretical, artistic, moving-image and curatorial practices. Threading throughout the book are a number of underlying questions: What is the ethical responsibility of artistic and curatorial engagement in sensitive issues of representation of the other? Can curatorial and artistic practices move beyond critical commentary, or the ‘witnessing’ of situations to develop new languages for advancing the debates on and colonialism and legacies? In which geographical contexts does it make sense to speak of the ‘post-colonial’ ? How do artistic and curatorial approaches to the legacies of colonialism vary between the Anglophone and Hispanophone and Lusophone contexts?

Possible Contributors: Fernanda Alberquerque, Tanya Barson, Gutavo Buntinx, Micheala Crimmin, Jean Fisher, Paul Goodwin, Juan Guadiola, Carles Guerra, Fede Guzman, Caroline Hancock, Maria Inigo, Regelio Lopez Cuenca, Jorge Marzo, Manuela Ribeira, Bisi Silva


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