• The Assassination of Time (or the birth of zeta-physics)

Golding, Johnny, 2009, Book Section, The Assassination of Time (or the birth of zeta-physics) In: Berressem, Hanjo and Haferkamp, Leyla, (eds.) Deleuzian Events: writing | history. Lit Verlag, Berlin, pp. 132-145. ISBN 978-3-643-10174-7

Abstract or Description:

The Assassination of Time re-thinks the relation of singularity and dimension to the question of the Chronos/TIme. In so doing, it offers a different trajectory to the restaging of method and epistemology to metaphysics as a leap out of Hegelian dialectics and the Heideggarian dwelling via Nietzsche's madman prophetic verses and Einstein's infamous equation. The piece originally was delivered at the Digital Arts Week in Zurich as Invited speaker; it was then reworked and staged with musical composition by S. Kennedy in Berlin, New York, Wisconsin and LA and recorded as an album release (Feb 6, 2010)

Official URL: http://www.lit-verlag.de/isbn/3-643-10174-7
Subjects: Other > Historical and Philosophical studies > V500 Philosophy
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