• Calling lights: The sounds of an awakening

Marin, Carola Ureta, 2022, Book, Calling lights: The sounds of an awakening Independent. ISBN -

Abstract or Description:

This work is a tribute to all the eyes unjustifiably lost due to the police shootings during the Social Uprising in Chile, 2019-2020. This collaborative artistic exploration gives a voice to the blinded eyes. Light and dark and the act of blinking become a language, a code. The message, ‘this work is a tribute to all those eyes unjustifiably lost during the demonstration in 2019, Chile’ is rendered into morse code, the most established military way of communication.

The essence of the message is spread all over the world through its interpretation by different musicians of the Chilean diaspora. The reproduction of the soundtracks activates not only the message but the memory that evokes the protest and at the same time, creates a connection with the diaspora. The original message, emerging from the narrowest country in South America, finds an active, nutritive and transformative conversation process with the musicians, through their musicalization, that globally resonates. In this project, the power of transfiguration as a method of transformation – changing the form in a way that reveals its nature and culture – brings the past into the present and reinvents it.

Subjects: Creative Arts and Design > W900 Others in Creative Arts and Design
School or Centre: School of Communication
Date Deposited: 01 Mar 2024 16:00
Last Modified: 01 Mar 2024 16:00
URI: https://researchonline.rca.ac.uk/id/eprint/5754
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