• RADiCAL mATTER: Two Thirds Wild Imagination, Three Fifths logic of Sense and Nineteen Twentieths Courage of Quantum

Golding, Johnny, 2020, Teaching Resource, RADiCAL mATTER: Two Thirds Wild Imagination, Three Fifths logic of Sense and Nineteen Twentieths Courage of Quantum

Abstract or Description:

Radical Matter will offer a practice-led study in flow, energy, fluxus, artificial intelligence and dimension. It will take this flow, energy, fluxus, intelligence and dimension and run with it – in order to sniff out the sexual, the corrosive, the imaginary and the curious. It will do this in part by investigating the radical moves, initiated by Nietzsche (The Gay Science) and expanded upon by Heidegger (via his logics of ‘techne’). We will also take a look into Foucault’s use of parrhesia in his ‘The Courage of Truth’ (pleasure and the ethical-political), Golding’s encounter (erotic poetics/ politics) and Lyotard’s tensor band (libidinal economy). Running through this radical matter: Einstein’s notion of special relativity/ curved-time, Deleuze (logic of the senses), Deleuze & Guattari (the rhizome and the refrain), Haraway’s tentacular thinking, Barad’s response-ability via quantum entanglements and Guattari (complexity theory). Assuming we’re still standing, after all this, we’ll dip a toe or two into Isabelle Stengers’ new materialisms via her take on the wild sciences including artificial and distributed intelligence. Bio-art, drone consciousness, hive-mind, rhythm, beat, acoustic ‘noise’ and deep listening will also come to the fore in this oddly cathected, experimental bacchanalia.

Most important will be the ability to inhabit Radical Matter via your own practice-based researches – electronic, digital, oil, clay, acrylic, dis-embodied, literary, augmented, dimensional, synthetic, bio-, compositional, water, performance, memory, voice, imaging, corporeal, immaterial, photographic, designed, architectural, forensic, libidinal, incomplete, intense, entangled, gestural, hiccups,dirty rotten blood- poetics… [ or something else altogether…]

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Course outline for the intensive one-week workshop/seminar that is held once in the Autumn term and once in the Spring term. Deposited here is the 2nd term. It is being deposited because it gives a direct indication of how my research works at the pedagogic level.

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