• The Tectonic of the Hybrid Real: Data Manipulation, Oxymoron Materiality and Creative Human–Machine Collaboration

Ferrarello, Laura, 2016, Book Section, The Tectonic of the Hybrid Real: Data Manipulation, Oxymoron Materiality and Creative Human–Machine Collaboration In: Velikov, Kathy, Manninger, Sandra, del Campo, Matias, Ahlquist, Sean and Thün, Geoffrey, (eds.) Acadia 2016 Posthuman Frontiers: Data, Designers, and Cognitive Machines: Projects Catalog of the 36th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture. ACADIA . Acadia Publishing Company, Ann Arbor, Michigan, pp. 124-129. ISBN 978-0692770955

Abstract or Description:

This paper describes the latest progress of the design platform, Digital Impressionism (DI), created by staff and students in an ongoing research project. DI aims to bridge human creative thinking with machine computation, under the theoretical concept of Oxymoron Tectonic. Oxymoron Tectonic describes the process under which hybrid materiality, that is the materiality created between the digital and the physical, takes form in the human-machine creative interaction. The methodology employs voxel 3D printers (capable of printing multiple materials through a single machine), data manipulation (the process that gives data physical substance), pointclouds and the influence of intangible environmental data (like sound and wind) affecting physical forms to interface digital and physical making. Under DI modeling is a hybrid set of actions placed in the boundary of the physical and digital world. Through this interactive platform, design is experienced as a complex hybrid process, which is a digital tectonic; forms are constructed via the looping creative feedback of humans’ engagement with nonhuman agents, which triggers a creative network of sustainable and interactive design and fabrication. By developing a mutual understanding of design, machines and humans work together in the process of design and making (Latour, in Geels, 2005). DI becomes the common interface of communication.

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Subjects: Architecture > K100 Architecture
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