• Interior Matter(s): Proximities, Inhabitations, Identities

Brooker, Graeme, 2016, Journal Article, Interior Matter(s): Proximities, Inhabitations, Identities Journal of Interior Design, 41 (4). pp. 5-12. ISSN 1939-1668

Abstract or Description:

To situate reuse, as a critical condition of the cultures of education, practice and research in interiors, is an approach that ensures that ambiguity, contingency, and a variety of particular sensibilities around on-site approaches to the production of knowledge about the discipline, can be established as an essential component of its primary values and principles. It is my view that this approach is useful to the discipline because on this basis the cultures of the interior can be made distinct from other spatial practices. This approach can therefore shape its own distinct identity. This is also a useful course of action because the condition of the interior can be recognised to be one that can be predicated on its unfixedness, and upon a sense of perpetual nascent emergence; a condition that in other work others and myself have described as a sense of the becoming of the interior . In my view this is critical to its formation and ultimately the understanding of the interior. In short, this perspective article, the title of which is derived from my keynote talk at the 2016 IDEC conference , will elaborate on three aspects of reuse that might be considered as fundamental elements of the conditions of fluidity and indeterminacy of the interior, entities that I propose are essential to its existence and comprehension. It will outline three conditions: proximities, inhabitations and identities, because they encapsulate what I consider to be the fundamental matter of the interior. These are titled because, in my view, the various cultures of the subject of the interior, the cultures of education, research, practice and professionalism, all rely on a comprehension of the principles and processes of reuse.

See Brooker, Graeme. Interior Architecture: The Unfixed and The Becoming. Inner Magazine, October 2015. http://www.innermagazine.org/interior-architecture-the-unfixed-and-the-becoming/ also see Hollis, Ed (Eds.) Unbecoming. IDEA Journal 2013. ISSN 1445/5412
Brooker, Graeme, Keynote Conference Speech 'Proximities, Inhabitations, Identities: Interior Matter(s)', IDEC conference, Portland Oregon, March 2016.

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