• I lost my body but found my mind (Or, my only regret, is I did not fuck Che Guevara)

Hudson, Graham, 2016, Show, Exhibition or Event, I lost my body but found my mind (Or, my only regret, is I did not fuck Che Guevara)

Abstract or Description:

Exhibition Description

The installation in the main space is dictated by the soundtrack of Test Records. These LP’s are designed to assist the home owner in installation of their sound system to meet the optimum requirements of both the sound system and the music being played.
One LP sample side of the LP is bounced around by a light bulb which is sent spinning by the turntable motion. The other side of the LP features test frequencies; these have been recorded digitally and mixed into a new score that includes binaural beats (to aid out of body experiences) and the infamous 40 HZ. In the sound composition of the work, Bach’s sound design is a key influence, his father was a piano tester, so the young Bach grew up to the soundtrack of empirical beats, the physics of the machines dictating the music.

I used to hate mirrors. The sight of my inadequate physique made me sick. I had well over 200 pounds of muscle. I had four gym memberships and trained with weights up to eight hours every day. I spent all my pay on muscle building supplements. However much muscle I packed on, I was convinced that I was still too skinny. 
One glimpse of my torso in a reflection could cause an emotional meltdown, I spend my life avoiding any kind of reflection, I couldn't look in shop windows or talk to people in sunglasses. The sight of my deflated figure ruined any day with a distracting anxiety, which sent me into a depressive spiral, this led to anti-depressants and illegal drugs.

I lost my body but found my mindLondon, UK8 Apr - 14 May 2016One person show
Official URL: http://www.canalprojects.info/exhibition.php?Id=66
Subjects: Creative Arts and Design > W100 Fine Art > W130 Sculpture
School or Centre: School of Arts & Humanities
Copyright Holders: Graham Hudson, Canal Gallery
Date Deposited: 07 Nov 2016 15:35
Last Modified: 28 Nov 2019 15:25
URI: https://researchonline.rca.ac.uk/id/eprint/1924
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