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Davis, Kate, 2011, Show, Exhibition or Event, "Duende"

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Collage London/NewYork was an international group survey exhibition, curated by London gallerist Fred Mann and New York gallerist Pavel Zoubok. This exhibition celebrated the art of collage, from its pioneers, George Braque and Pablo Picasso, through to its legacy in the practice of artists today. New and unseen contemporary collages were presented alongside prominent and seminal works of some of the foremost practitioners in modern Western art, including Robert Motherwell and Andy Warhol.
Davis contributed a new work: Duende II which was purchased by the International Collage Center Collection, USA.

With her provocative choice of innovative materials, such as nail varnish as paint and semen as glue, Davis revitalized the form, extending its relevance into contemporary practice whilst paying homage to the Modernist work of Marcel Duchamp. Art Monthly (09.09): ‘Kate Davis’s Duende II 2009 is a breezy and nicely judged tribute to Duchamp…. it hints at Duchamp’s taste for sexual innuendo and at his conception of the artwork as a kind of rebus.’
‘Davis’ sharpness’ is cited as exemplary of why the show makes ‘a strong case for the continuing relevance and vitality of collage.’ Work from the Duende series was exhibited at Venice Biennale (WW Gallery London) (2009 & 2011) Duende II was included in the touring exhibition Remix (2011), which led to a residency at Joya arte+ecologica, Los Gazquez, Spain (15.12.11 - 04.01.12).

Collage NY/LondonFred Gallery, London;Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NYC, International Collage Centre, WW Gallery London Venice Biennale '09,'1101 May 2009 - 31 May 2011Mixed show
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