• Media space: the uses of space in design.

Boyd Davis, Stephen, 2001, Printed Publication, Media space: the uses of space in design.

Abstract or Description:

Boyd Davis' work is concerned with visual spatiality and with advanced forms of interaction. These themes converge in output one, investigating uses of visual space towards an analysis of spatiality in interactivity. As part of a long-term contract for BT Research (Suffolk, UK), Boyd Davis was commissioned to report on his recent work. The intended audience would be applying the ideas in practically oriented research and development. The research methods were to: 1. Analyse visual productions in an integrated manner across planar representations such as painting, photography, film, television and digital interactive media. 2. Exploit insights from theories of perception (Gibson, Marr, Gregory etc.) as well as theories of depiction and representation. 3. Build on older work such as Gombrich, Panofsky, Twyman, reconsidered in the light of recent scholarship in visual culture and theories of media transparency. 4. Generate a novel categorisation of uses of spatiality in interactive media. At the time, the BT team were strongly focused on the ‘realism' of Virtual Reality without clearly considering its appropriateness. Boyd Davis' work demonstrated the value of considering visual representation pragmatically in relation to the objectives which it serves, rather than attempting to mirror reality slavishly. However the importance of the ‘sense of realism' was fully acknowledged in the theoretical framework. Related work on uses of virtual reality: Foreman, N., Boyd Davis, S., Moar, M., Korallo, L. and Chappell, E. ‘Can Virtual Environments Enhance the Learning of Historical Chronology?' Instructional Science. Published online: 5 April 2007. DOI : 10.1007/s11251-007-9024-7 Foreman, N., Boyd Davis, S., Moar, M., Korallo, L. ‘Accessing Spatial Memory for the Teaching of Chronological History, using Virtual Displays' Plenary Lecture at ""Psychology and Society"" Novi Sad, Serbia October 2007. Recent developments of this work led to a joint Leverhulme award with Foreman, Psychology, Middlesex (£70,000) 2006.

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