• Representing space: the pictorial imperative.

Boyd Davis, Stephen, 2008, Book Section, Representing space: the pictorial imperative. In: Turner, Phil, Turner, Susan and Davenport, Elisabeth, (eds.) Exploration of space, technology and spatiality: interdisciplinary perspectives. Information Science Reference, Hershey PA, pp. 128-140. ISBN 9781605660202

Abstract or Description:

This chapter is concerned with the relationship between the planar space of graphic representations and the space which they represent. The aim is to achieve some coherence or unity in thinking about the spatiality of different media such as film, television and videogames; also, to trace continuities historically. It is argued that the spatiality of modern media has discernible roots in much older forms of depiction and that this historical, developmental path suggests an almost irresistible pictorial imperative. Examples are taken from painting, film, television, computer games and other forms of computer graphics. This chapter relates to Boyd Davis' ongoing analysis of depiction. Other works in this investigation are: 2007 ‘A Schema for Depiction’. In: Van der Waarde, K. and Westendorp, P. (eds.). Visible Language 41(3). Special issue on Visual Metaphors in User Support. 280-300. 2007 ‘A word about the weather: depiction and visualisation’. Paper for the AHRC ICT Methods Workshop ‘From Abstract Data Mapping to 3D Photorealism: Understanding Emerging Intersections in Visualisation Practices and Techniques’. Birmingham 19 June 2007. http://www.viznet.ac.uk/cross_domain/abstract3D.html

School or Centre: School of Design
Uncontrolled Keywords: space, depiction, representation, perspective, multimodal, diegesis, Renaissance, Albertian window
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