• Mirror Worlds and “Sweet Ol’ Tatties”

Richards, Jennifer, 2024, Conference or Workshop, Mirror Worlds and “Sweet Ol’ Tatties” at “Return of the Gothic 1980s: Sequels, Trilogies, Multiverses & Beyond”, Manchester, UK, 20-21 Jun 2024.

Abstract or Description:

Strangers Things is arguably a cultural phenomenon since it hit our TV screens back in 2016. The character of Eddie Munson in particular was incredibly popular with the established fanbase, first appearing in Season 4 of the show and instantly making him a fan favourite with the viewers.
Chera Kee (2023) states that the “mirror world” of the Stranger Things Universe offers us a way to understand the historical “underworld” of the 1980s reflected in our present moment in time.
Therefore, this paper will therefore attempt to explore the character of Eddie Munson, interrogating his ability as an ‘outsider’ to offer up a commentary to our contemporary society. He personifies the ‘rebel’, the teenager every 80s parent was afraid of. He is a reflection of fear, doubt and the unknown. Yet contrary to popular perception, Eddie is caring, sweet and kind. He is loyal and brave, fighting to protect the very same community that attempts to “demonize” him.
Drawing on the Duffer Brother’s original inspirations, from the Satanic Panic boom of 80s America to the Heavy Metal, Rock and Gothic influences present in Eddie’s iconic looks, this examination will support Klein and Palmer’s 2016 theory that the ‘re-telling” of sequels can be accessed through Gothic elements and conventions.
This paper will argue that the amplification of this “mirror world” Klein (2023,) offers an opportunity to correct the past, drawing on the visual aesthetics of Eddie and the contemporary issues that his character represents.

Subjects: Creative Arts and Design > W200 Design studies > W230 Clothing/Fashion Design
School or Centre: School of Design
Date Deposited: 13 May 2024 12:53
Last Modified: 13 May 2024 12:54
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