• Fiction meets livecoding in a future of “smart” products

Raskob, Evan, 2017, Conference or Workshop, Fiction meets livecoding in a future of “smart” products at International Conference on Live Coding 2017 Morelia, Mexico, Morelia, Mexico, 2-8 December 2017.

Abstract or Description:

How might livecoding help users control the complex choreography of networked, “smart” gadgets? For example, how might they manage their networked refrigerators for the home that are hooked into smart energy meters, alongside weaponised home security systems linked into indicators of local and global political unrest? A future of networked sensors and computerised gadgets could potentially reduce users to passive actors in a tightly-controlled world, or give them previously unseen levels of control over their environments through livecoding. Livecoding used playfully could explore choreography of complex gestures and smart lighting systems. Product designers could livecode supply chain software to choose environmentally sound, local materials for furniture production. Scientists could disseminate research livecoded data toolkits[4].

Using the techniques of “futuring” or “scenario planning,” we will develop short outlines of stories in the genre of “design science fiction.” Structured discussions and ideation exercises led by an academic in Product Design and Interaction will challenge participants to develop provocative but plausible future scenarios that may lead to new areas of research. Provoking discussion between computer-based practitioners and product designers around how smart, networked products could and should interact with their users should spark new insight and collaboration between the two disciplines.

Official URL: http://iclc.livecodenetwork.org/2017/
Subjects: Other > Mathematical and Computer Sciences > G400 Computer Science > G440 Human-computer Interaction
Other > Mathematical and Computer Sciences > G600 Software Engineering > G620 Programming
Creative Arts and Design > W300 Music
School or Centre: School of Design
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Last Modified: 09 Nov 2018 14:31
URI: https://researchonline.rca.ac.uk/id/eprint/3162
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