• From Organisation to Decoration: An Interiors Reader

Brooker, Graeme and Stone, Sally, 2013, Book, From Organisation to Decoration: An Interiors Reader Routledge. ISBN 978-0-4154-3-6199

Abstract or Description:

Interiors is a field that is often assumed as being intellectually undernourished, a factor that has led to a paucity of publications intellectually underpinning this area of study and practice. The teaching and understanding of Interiors has often had to rely on other built environment and creative practice theory and supposition, expressing its interdisciplinarity but utilising ideas that never really quite fit. This situation has created a lack of philosophical or critical theoretical ‘identity’, a uniqueness that distinguishes interiors, leading to a lack of a particular relevant body of knowledge that encompasses the subject matter.

From Organisation to Decoration is a book that is designed to redress this imbalance. It is a book that serves as a catalogue of important writings on the ideas of interior space. It is for students, scholars, and practitioners who have an interest in Interior Design, Interior Architecture and Interior Decoration. The book consists of a mixture of important existing essays written by prominent designers and theorists working with the field of reusing existing buildings and the design of the interior. It endeavours to introduce readers to a number of seminal, yet relatively unknown works, placing them alongside writings from more prominent sources. The book aims to make clear ideas already prominent in the field of Interiors and clarify the interdisciplinary aspects of this specific area of design practice and theory.

This book is designed as a textbook. It will bridge the distinctions between the different disciplines in Interiors related practices and any courses or practitioners involved in interiors or architecture. It could be described as an essential standard textbook or ‘primer’ for the many courses educating students in the field of interiors. This book will meet interdisciplinary needs, in that the collection of texts are derived from Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Remodelling, Decoration and Art Historical sources. This book will derive its content from researchers, academics, historians and practitioners in the various fields within architecture and design, sociology and cultural studies.

Subjects: Creative Arts and Design > W200 Design studies > W250 Interior Design
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