• Układ nerwowy: nowe maszyny i nowe ciała w sztuce i filmie w Polsce po odwilży

Crowley, David, 2014, Book Section, Układ nerwowy: nowe maszyny i nowe ciała w sztuce i filmie w Polsce po odwilży In: Kordjak-Piotrowska, Joanna and Welbel, Stanisław, (eds.) Kosmos Wzywa! Sztuka i Nauka w dlugich latach Szescdziesiatych'. Zachęta — Narodowa Galeria Sztuki,, Warsaw, pp. 29-47. ISBN 978 83 64714 04 7

Abstract or Description:

This wide-ranging essay explores the emergence of posthumanism in the visual arts and in philosophy in Poland after 1956, the period known as the Thaw. This essay reviews the response of intellectuals in various fields to the claims being made by the Kremlin for the so called Scientific-Technological-Revolution. Much of the material in this long (10000 word) essay has been untouched in art history focused on the Eastern Bloc hitherto (such as the impact of cybernetics on art practice).

The essay was commissioned by Joanna Kordjak-Piotrowska and Stanisław Welbel, the curators of a major exhibition entitled 'Kosmos Wzywa! Sztuka i Nauka w dlugich latach Szescdziesiatych' at the Zacheta National Gallery in Warsaw in 2014. Crowley was invited to write the piece as an authority on Cold War era art and design. This output is part of a larger research project into new understandings of the body in Eastern Europe during the 1960s - also presented as a key note address at conference at ETH in Zurich and a long essay for a forthcoming Birkhauser book on post-war urbanism edited by Karl Kegler and Akos Moravanszky, entitled Re−Scaling the Environment 1960−2010.

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