• D-STEM: a Design led approach to STEM innovation

Toomey, Anne, 2014, Book Section, D-STEM: a Design led approach to STEM innovation A Matter of Design: Making Society Through Science and Technology (Proceedings of the 5th STS Italia Conference). STS Italia Publishing, Milan, Italy, pp. 425-437. ISBN 978-90-78146-05-6

Abstract or Description:

Advances in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) disciplines offer opportunities for designers to propose and make products with advanced, enhanced and engineered properties and functionalities. In turn, these advanced characteristics are becoming increasingly necessary as resources become ever more strained through 21st century demands, such as ageing populations, connected communities, depleting raw materials, waste management and energy supply. We need to make things that are smarter, make our lives easier, better and simpler. The products of tomorrow need to do more with less. It is recognised that STEM subjects need Design to translate and realise their full value to the economy and that Design’s role is greater than being a creator of objects. The issue is how to maximize the potential for exploiting opportunities offered by STEM developments and how best to enable designers to strengthen their position within the innovation ecosystem as active agents of change. As a society, we need designers able to navigate emerging developments from the STEM community to a level that enables understanding and knowledge of the new material properties, the skill set to facilitate absorption into the design ‘toolbox’ and the agility to identify, manage, contextualise and influence innovation opportunities emerging from STEM developments. This paper proposes the blueprint for a new design led approach to STEM innovation that begins to redefine studio culture for the 21st Century.

AuthorKapsali, Veronika
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Subjects: Creative Arts and Design > W200 Design studies > W230 Clothing/Fashion Design > W231 Textile Design
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