• Human-Centric Chronographics:Making Historical Time Memorable

Korallo, Liliya, Boyd Davis, Stephen, Foreman, Nigel and Moar, Magnus, 2013, Book Section, Human-Centric Chronographics:Making Historical Time Memorable In: Huang, Weidong, (ed.) Handbook of Human Centric Visualization. Springer, New York, pp. 473-512. ISBN 978-1-4614-7484-5

Abstract or Description:

A series of experiments is described, evaluating user recall of visualisations of historical chronology. Such visualisations are widely created but have not hitherto been evaluated. Users were tested on their ability to learn a sequence of historical events presented in a virtual environment (VE) fly-through visualisation, compared with the learning of equivalent material in other formats that are sequential but lack the 3D spatial aspect. Memorability is a particularly important function of visualisation in education. The measures used during evaluation are enumerated and discussed. The majority of the experiments reported compared three conditions, one using a virtual environment visualisation with a significant spatial element, one using a serial on-screen presentation in PowerPoint, and one using serial presentation on paper. Some aspects were trialled with groups having contrasting prior experience of computers, in the UK and Ukraine. Evidence suggests that a more complex environment including animations and sounds or music, intended to engage users and reinforce memorability, were in fact distracting. Findings are reported in relation to the age of the participants, suggesting that children at 11–14 years benefit less from, or are even disadvantaged by, VE visualisations when compared with 7–9 year olds or undergraduates. Finally, results suggest that VE visualisations offering a ‘landscape’ of information are more memorable than those based on a linear model.

Keywords: timeline, chronographics

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