• Interiority Complex

House, Naomi, 2016, Book Section, Interiority Complex In: A Gendered Profession - A Question of Representation in Space Making. RIBA Publishing, London. ISBN 9781859469972

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The field of interiors is complex. Marginalized within critical discourse it is viewed from afar as soft and insubstantial, politely addressing the inhabitation of space without troubling the permanence of architecture. As a practice it sits outside of the remit of any professional organisation – the RIBA certainly has no interest in acknowledging the autonomy of the interior, and it remains persistently ‘other’ to architecture. Where architecture exerts confidence (arrogance even) in its singular projection of self, interiors is persistently dialogic, operating under the radar; poking at the edges of the discipline. Interiors is understood and largely accepted as architecture’s inferior sibling,lacking both words and voice.

Moving away from a discourse about the interior as a feminised space, this chapter will propose that the practice of interiors is a feminist tactic that disrupts the assumed ‘territory’ of architecture, putting it back together again and again, reconfiguring it anew.

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Date Deposited: 13 Dec 2016 23:11
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